GRARA May Challenge

This is a “Not A Contest, Contest”. It is an informal, fun way to stimulate “radioactivity”. Feel free to participate as much or as little as you like.

VHF Contest:

  • Open to all hams using the W8IRA Linked Repeater System. I suggest going to the W8IRA website to learn about the system.
  • Time Frame: First Saturday to the Third Saturday of May.
  • Goal: Most Contacts. One contact per day, per callsign. Contacts during nets do not count. Follow this link to learn what nets to avoid:
  • Reporting is on the honor system. Report: Date, Callsign and Frequency used by the contacted station. Be sure to include your name and callsign.
  • Report by email to by the Fourth Saturday of May. There will a plaque awarded for the most contacts.
  • Note: Be sure you are not interfering with a regular IRA net. Transmit your callsign and indicate you are monitoring the frequency, then be patient.

HF Challenge:

  • Time Frame: First Saturday to Third Saturday of May.
  • Goal: most States.
    • Mode: CW and Phone.
    • Bands: 160 to 6 Meters.
    • Power: 100 watts.
    • You may mix bands and modes.
    • Only count calls to CQ Contest calls if you submit a log to the contest.
  • Report: Call, Band, Mode and State. Report by email to by the Fourth Saturday.

Good Luck, 73 KE8LQH.