GRARA May Challenge

This is a “Not A Contest, Contest”. It is an informal, fun way to stimulate “radioactivity”. Feel free to participate as much or as little as you like.

VHF Contest:

  • Open to all hams using the W8IRA Linked Repeater System. I suggest going to the W8IRA website to learn about the system.
  • Time Frame: First Saturday to the Third Saturday of May.
  • Goal: Most Contacts. One contact per day, per callsign. Contacts during nets do not count. Follow this link to learn what nets to avoid:
  • Reporting is on the honor system. Report: Date, Callsign and Frequency used by the contacted station. Be sure to include your name and callsign.
  • Report by email to by the Fourth Saturday of May. There will a plaque awarded for the most contacts.
  • Note: Be sure you are not interfering with a regular IRA net. Transmit your callsign and indicate you are monitoring the frequency, then be patient.

HF Challenge:

  • Time Frame: First Saturday to Third Saturday of May.
  • Goal: most States.
    • Mode: CW and Phone.
    • Bands: 160 to 6 Meters.
    • Power: 100 watts.
    • You may mix bands and modes.
    • Only count calls to CQ Contest calls if you submit a log to the contest.
  • Report: Call, Band, Mode and State. Report by email to by the Fourth Saturday.

Good Luck, 73 KE8LQH.

License Testing

We have license testing each second Friday of the month. Our license testing is at Grand Valley State University at the Kennedy Hall of Engineering in room 124 (map).

Please see our License Testing page for everything you need to do before coming and taking the test.