After our November meeting, we have elected in a few new officers. Most of them have been around for a while and have served as an officer before. We are thankful that they chose to step into the position and are ready to make this next year a good one.

Also thanks to those that are continuing their positions. Everything we did last year couldn’t have happened without them. They put in a lot of work and I’m glad to be with them for another year.

Our officers for the next year, the new ones are in bold.

President: Greg Stoike (N8HR)

Vice President: Steven Haueisen (KD8MEY)

Secretary: David Britten (KD8DB)

Treasurer: Dave De Vos (KF8QL)

Director at Large: Lisa Britten (W8LSA)

Liaison Director: Jim Hessler (K8JH)

Off Air Director: Rich Ranta (K8JX)

On Air Director: Chris Longcore (KE8LQH)

Technical Director: Stephen Provost (AC8QE)

Trustee: Tom Hansen (N8DGD)