Favorite Audio and Videos

I love watching Youtube videos on Amateur Radio, Electronics, Equipment and Computer repair, Trains and an occasional video on other subjects.

I will post them here for your entertainment and enjoyment. If you have any favorite videos, copy the link and

include it in a email and I will put them on this page.


NPR's "Lost and Found Sound" radio feature, "The Shortwave Numbers Mystery."

Ham Radio - Build your own L network antenna tuner

Brienz Rothorn Bahn (Switzerland) - Drivers Eye View

With the mist lifting on a warm still morning we catch the first train on the last operating day of 2015. The train crew are very friendly; keen we should enjoy their railway on this wonderful autumn day. We start climbing through autumn gold woods with shafts of sunshine breaking through the leaf cover creating an almost magical atmosphere, before passing through a series of tunnels, between which the line is perched on a narrow ledge, with occasional stunning views over the lake far below. We pass the tree line onto the rugged mountainside for more dramatic vistas across deep valleys and snow covered peaks. Take a seat and enjoy one of the most outstanding rides in Switzerland.

Bluestack micro+ DVmega hotspot Dstar/DMR/Fusion

NEW!A look at several Multi-Band Wire Antennas

NEW!Broadband Over Powerlines

Is this the future?

NEW!Erecting a SOTAbeams HF Dipole

You can do it...by yourself. This is also good for any homebrew antenna system you may build.

NEW!Amateur Radio for the 21st Century

A new video from RSGB with youth in mind.

NEW!RC KFC bucket aeroplane (magnus effect)

This was uploaded for John W8QZ our resident RC flyer. It does fly! Sorta

Ham Radio 2.0: Episode 83 - Comparison of Digital Modes for Amateur Radio

The Mandelbrot Set

How to Build a 1:1 Balun for a Dipole Antenna - Part 1

How to Build a 1:1 Balun for a Dipole Antenna - Part 2

How to Build a 1:1 Balun for a Dipole Antenna - Part 3

How to Build a 1:1 Balun for a Dipole Antenna - Part 4

How to Build a 1:1 Balun for a Dipole Antenna - Part 5

Mr. Carlsons Lab: Astron RS-35A Power Supply Repair

Mr. Carlsons Lab: Transistor Identification and Testing made easy.

Mr. Carlsons Lab: Tube Audio Amplifier Repair, and what to look for.

Good info on working with tube equipment.

Mr. Carlsons Lab: Reading Resistor Color Codes Fast

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