Starting Monday, February 20 and continuing until February 25 they will be working in the basement of the Red Cross

Building to remove Asbestos contamination. No one will be allowed into the basement during this time.

There will No Wednesday Radio Room Meeting next week, February 22. Thanks

February 2017 Meeting

Did you miss our February meeting? If so, you missed a great presentation by Jim Wades WB8SIW on the early days of radio. A good time was had by all.

The entire meeting was video taped by Thom KI8W but in the brevity of time only the Business Meeting is presented here.

The entire video is not available (because of size restraints) and if you want to see more great presentations like this we would encourage you to attend our meetings.

The Business Meeting video in MP4 format is available on our MEDIA page.


22nd Annual West Michigan GET OUTTA THE CABIN DINNER

Welcome to W8DC.org the web home of the

Grand Rapids Amateur Radio Association.

We meet at the Red Cross Building at 1050 Fuller NE, and we maintain an active club station at that location. If you'd like to see our station, or attend a club meeting, please stop by and visit. All Visitors are welcome!

For Our Upcoming GRAHamfest - Our new flyer will be available soon. The Swap is September 9th.

For Current Events - Please visit our Facebook Page

You can stop by the Red Cross the first Friday of every month for our club business and technical meeting. OR - Every Wednesday night is open radio room night.

If you want to see a REAL amateur radio station being operated, want to talk over a technical problem, or find out more about Amateur Radio testing and licensing stop by!

Check-Out the GRARA Yahoo Group

What is the GRARA Yahoo Group, you ask?

It's a bulletin board specifically made to keep members and friends up to date on club activities, treasures for sale, questions and comments on a daily basis. You can keep track of "what's happening" in any of three ways.

The first way is to go to the Yahoo site by clicking the link below. If you join the free group, you will also be able to select getting an email every time someone posts a message, once a day in a digest or only if a moderator sends out a special message. (Most members get a single daily digest, some choose not get any email at all.) You can also return to the site and search for whatever "tickles your fancy."

Click here to visit the GRARA Yahoo Group.

You may have to login to Yahoo Groups to access our Club Group.


GRARA Club Maillist now active.

It's a mail list specifically made to keep members up to date on club activities, items for sale, questions and comments on a frequent basis. You can keep track of "what's happening". This list is separate from the GRARA Yahoo Group in that this list is private in nature. Your name and callsign must appear on our current 2017 club roster to be eligible for membership to the list.

You can subscribe to this list by sending a blank email (no subject or body) to grara-subscribe at w8dc.org

Once you are verified to be a club member, in good standing, your application will be approved. Thanks.



147.260+ 94.8 -- 146.76- 94.8 A/D -- 224.64- 94.8 -- 444.400+ 94.8

A handy guide on how to use repeaters can be found here.

W8DC Club Nets

Tuesday -- 7pm 146.76- 94.8 Analog and possibly Digital (C4FM Fusion)

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